instsvcdrv/dcdbas fails to start

Victor Orgos v_orgos at
Mon Jun 25 18:47:52 CDT 2007

It seems that the OMSA built the driver for the new kernel on one of them upon startup, but not the other two servers. a bug perhaps?

when we re-installed OMSA on the other two servers, the driver was created and the service started correctly.

not happy about it but at least we know what to do next time.

we are running osma version 4.5. does anyone if this is fixed in later versions?

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On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Victor Orgos wrote:

> looking deeping, I found that there are different modules being loaded.
> [...]
> which is the correct one?

I'm not entirely sure what your issue is, but I've found in some cases that 
after a kernel upgrade you need to uninstall and reinstall OMSA which 
rebuilds anything which depended on the old kernel for the currently running 

I've almost gone so far as to write a script for it which checks if the 
pre-reboot kernel is different to the currently booting one and if so do the 
necessary for me.

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