Reconstruct to RAID-10 using BIOS? (Perc 4/Di)

John Buttery johnb+linuxpoweredge at
Mon Jun 25 14:28:56 CDT 2007

  Last Friday night, I tried (unsuccessfully) to reconstruct an array on 
a 4/Di controller in a PowerEdge 2850.  I rebooted, brought up the 
controller management tool, inserted the new disks (went from two disks 
to five, the plan is to have a 4-disk RAID-10 with a hot spare), then 
selected two more disks.  When I went to the reconstruction submenu, 
however, the only options I had were RAID-0 and RAID-5.
  Is it possible to reconstruct to RAID-10 using the BIOS utility?  If 
so, how?

  Also, in related news, does anybody know where I can get some 
documentation on the "dellmgr" utility?

John Buttery <johnb at>
System Administrator

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