Fedora core 4 on 1850 only running at 10MBps

Duncan Hill poweredge at cricalix.net
Mon Jun 25 14:06:09 CDT 2007

On Mon, June 25, 2007 20:03, Marcel White wrote:
> Hello again,
> A couple (2) of my production 1850 servers I have discovered are running
> at 10MBps on a 100MBps switch. The other 3 seem to be working fine at 100MBps. Cables
> have been changed by my *hands* at our production facility. The OS is fedora core 4,
> which I assumed would run at 100 by default. Is there anything I should be looking for
> to possibly change these interfaces to use 100MBps? Or has anyone else ever experienced
> this issue? Thanks for any information.

What does ethtool say about the connection?  Auto-neg, forced speed, half, full duplex?

Is it a smart/managed switch or a dumb one?

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