Dell hw repo: source needed?

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at
Mon Jun 25 12:57:09 CDT 2007

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 01:21:48PM +0800, Richard Chan wrote:
> Quickly looking at the new repo with the intention to make a local 
> mirror (for an intranet).

Really good questions, and such great timing. I just finished doing a
bunch of work on this and am trying to get it all documented.

We should have rsync access enabled in the repos by the end of the week
(or so says IT, no promises here). I would recommend using that rather
than http mirror.

> Any "internals" information?
> 1. Couldn't see mirrors.pl_source in __tools/ (is this needed?) - can I 
> just edit my existing to add the latest/ is just a symlink to _tools/ _tools is a
symlink to ../scripts/hardware-repo-tools. ../scripts is a git repo
containing all of the scripts and is sourced from 

To simplify, I've renamed _tools/ to _tools/
so you can just download it using web browser. 

Simple, eh?

> 2. What's the intention of the upper level directories?

Good question. I'm in the process of working through the official
channels to try to get this handed over to be officially supported. (No
guarantees at this point, we just started talking a couple weeks ago.)
There were some good points about different use cases for the
repositories.  I've 'migrated' things over to the new layout to address
some of those concerns. The new layout is meant to satisfy several
competing customer use cases:

 1) customers (generally enterprise) who want to standardize on a specific
 Dell-tested quarterly release.

 2) Customers who want to standardize on the latest stuff, but want the
 Dell-tested quarterly release, which is generally all put through a
 test cycle together and has a higher expectation of working together.

 3) customers who just want the latest and greatest released stuff.

>   2007_Q1/
>   OMSA_5.2/

These are two names for the same thing. OMSA_5.2 is the official name,
2007_Q1 is a symlink

>   latest/

satisfies use case #3, above.

>   latest-quarterly/

satisfies use case #2, above.

Note that you can select between the repo configs using the
"repo_config" parameter to You can either edit the URL by
hand in the yum or up2date config file, or you can set it in the
dellsysidplugin.ini config file.

> Any reason for having two latest*/ directories. As a repo manager, do 
> you just link the directories and the
> srvadmin RPMs to save space?

Yes, everything in the repos is hardlinked together to save space. If
you do a simple web mirror, you are going to end up downloading
something like 17GB of data. If you use soon-to-be-announced
rsync (and use "-H" option), you only end up downloading 1.1GB.

Right now, "latest" and "latest_quarterly" are symlinks to the same
thing. Dont expect that to remain the same in the future.


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