Debian/Ubuntu experience with PE 860

Alessandro FAGLIA a.faglia at
Mon Jun 25 11:36:16 CDT 2007

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Subject: Re:Debian/Ubuntu experience with PE 860
From: John Huong <jahuong at>
To: Alessandro FAGLIA <a.faglia at>
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Date: Mon Jun 25 2007 18:18:50 GMT+0200 (ora legale Europa occidentale)

> Dear Alessandro,
>    I've search through that thread but I'm not too sure how it may help 
> me? I noticed that you have mentioned recompiling the kernel. Is that 
> how you had managed to solve the problem?

Yes. I don't know if the kernel which comes with Edgy Eft already has 
what is needed inside. Provided that I'm used to recompile the kernel 
for all my servers, I can suggest you what I did:
- make sure that CONFIG_FUSION_CTL is compiled either inside the kernel 
or as a module.
- make sure that following items are compiled (not sure which are 
required and which are not):
I had to compile them as modules else IPMI was not working.

Hope this helps.

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