Setup for Scientific Linux of dell repository failed

Duncan Hill poweredge at
Mon Jun 25 02:30:38 CDT 2007

On Mon, June 25, 2007 06:31, Martin Flemming wrote:
nd to search in the mailing-list is very painful, because there is no
> "search"-function for it ... only to download separatly each month-archive
> .. and i'm new on this list (since april) and haven't much mails in my
> inbox ... maybe it's helpful to have furhter link to download the full raw archive

Search: <search terms>

Alternately, use in place of

Better than no search at all.


Would it be possible to add a Google search form on the main
site?  The really hopeful in me would say with a JS powered dropdown that did inurl
instead of site, but any search is better than none :)

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