DRAC under Firefox

Tim_T_Murphy at Dell.com Tim_T_Murphy at Dell.com
Fri Jun 22 08:49:47 CDT 2007

return code (-202) indicates a permissions issue:
as i recall, the plugins require a root account, or privileges via sudo.


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	Hi List,


	Has anybody had any luck getting the DRAC Console plugin to work
under Firefox on Linux? Surprisingly there's very little about this on
the web, I thought it'd have been something more people would have
encountered now that Dell are supporting RedHat and shipping it with
their machines! Does everyone do management from Windows?


	I get the following errors:


	https://x.x.x.147/plugins/vkvm/rac5vkvm.xpi  --  2007-06-22



	     ** starting script

	     **  calling: initInstall( Digital Video Viewer, rac5vkvm,;

	     Digital Video Viewer (version



	     **  Available disk space is: 50289800 KB.

	     ** info: adding file: librac5vkvm.so

	     ** ERROR (-202): Installing:


	     Install **FAILED** with error -240  --  2007-06-22 09:41:41


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