PE 1855 / QLogic 2312 / RHEL 5

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I've almost NEVER had a problem loading qlogics drivers if you get them direct from them and if you do step back one rev.

the real question is what is the CARD model number?  2312 is a controller chip number NOT a HBA card number.  So I can see them pushing back when presented with a model they don't have listed nor can they find.

The controller chip is a 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X to 2 Gb Dual Channel Fibre Channel Controller so the card should be a part of the qla234x series family.

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> Hi All,
> 	We have two PE 1855 witch Qlogic 2312 HBAs and RHEL 5.
> 	The Gold support is arguing that this configuration is not
> supported
> yet (No Dell drivers for Qlogic HBAs)
> 	They propose two solutions:
> 	- Reinstall servers with RHEL 4 (renegociate with RedHat to
> change
> licences...)
> 	- Change Qlogic HBAs with Emulex ones (that seems to be supported
> under RHEL 5)
> 	The support engeneer is telling me that the generic Qlogic driver
> (shipped with RedHat) does not seem to work with the Qlogic 2312.
> 	Is there any way I can test to let the generic driver work with
> these Qlogics.

The driver that Dell support for QLogic 2342M was embedded in RHEL 4 U4. I do not know if it is still in the RHEL 5 release... 
Does the system load the driver? Does it detect the HBA? You should see this in dmesg. Since you know that it is using the ISP2312 ASIC I guess it does?

Best way to check if it works is to try to use it.

Also, the driver package available on includes the source code for the RHEL 4 and SLES 9 driver. You could try to compile and load it on RHEL 5. 

Fibre Channel: QLogic Dell 2342M - FC HBA, Dell 2362M FC HBA, Driver, Enterprise Linux 4, English, PowerEdge 1855, 1955, 6850, v.8.01.04b3, A00

But remember, if you get it to work. You will still be running a non supported solution, and if you need support you might very well end up in an argumentation with support...

Harald Jensås

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