PE 1855 / QLogic 2312 / RHEL 5

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> Hi All,
> 	We have two PE 1855 witch Qlogic 2312 HBAs and RHEL 5.
> 	The Gold support is arguing that this configuration is not
> supported
> yet (No Dell drivers for Qlogic HBAs)
> 	They propose two solutions:
> 	- Reinstall servers with RHEL 4 (renegociate with RedHat to
> change
> licences...)
> 	- Change Qlogic HBAs with Emulex ones (that seems to be supported
> under RHEL 5)
> 	The support engeneer is telling me that the generic Qlogic driver
> (shipped with RedHat) does not seem to work with the Qlogic 2312.
> 	Is there any way I can test to let the generic driver work with
> these Qlogics.

The driver that Dell support for QLogic 2342M was embedded in RHEL 4 U4. I do not know if it is still in the RHEL 5 release... 
Does the system load the driver? Does it detect the HBA? You should see this in dmesg. Since you know that it is using the ISP2312 ASIC I guess it does?

Best way to check if it works is to try to use it.

Also, the driver package available on includes the source code for the RHEL 4 and SLES 9 driver. You could try to compile and load it on RHEL 5. 

Fibre Channel: QLogic Dell 2342M - FC HBA, Dell 2362M FC HBA, Driver, Enterprise Linux 4, English, PowerEdge 1855, 1955, 6850, v.8.01.04b3, A00

But remember, if you get it to work. You will still be running a non supported solution, and if you need support you might very well end up in an argumentation with support...

Harald Jensås

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