PE 1855 / QLogic 2312 / RHEL 5

Youssef Ghorbal youssef.ghorbal at
Thu Jun 21 05:56:05 CDT 2007

Hi All,

	We have two PE 1855 witch Qlogic 2312 HBAs and RHEL 5.
	The Gold support is arguing that this configuration is not supported  
yet (No Dell drivers for Qlogic HBAs)
	They propose two solutions:

	- Reinstall servers with RHEL 4 (renegociate with RedHat to change  
	- Change Qlogic HBAs with Emulex ones (that seems to be supported  
under RHEL 5)

	The support engeneer is telling me that the generic Qlogic driver  
(shipped with RedHat) does not seem to work with the Qlogic 2312.

	Is there any way I can test to let the generic driver work with  
these Qlogics.

Youssef Ghorbal

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