SC1435 RAID monitoring under Gentoo

John Heim jheim at
Wed Jun 20 15:46:34 CDT 2007

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rom: "John Heim" <jheim at>
> There's a debian package called mpt-tools that seems to work.

That should be mpt-status. I read the man page for mpt-status and what you 
see is pretty much what you get. If you install mpt-status, you need to load 
the mptctl module and then you can run mpt-status for info on your RAID.

The debian version of mpt-status also installs /etc/init.d/mpt-statusd. This 
shell script is started automatically at boot (as you might expect from it's 
name and location). I had a hard time finding documentation for this script 
but it's actually pretty well documented within the script itself. All it 
does is run mpt-status periodically, greps for 'state OPTIMAL', and if it 
doesn't find it, sends an email message to root.  The deb package does not 
create a config file but the  documentation in the script itself says it 
will read /etc/default/mpt-statusd for parameters like email address and how 
often to check the state.

I'm still using the  debian port of the dellomsa  tools to monitor CPU temp. 
But it looks as if RAID monitoring is taken care of.

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