SC1435 RAID monitoring under Gentoo

Sam Flory Sam.Flory at
Wed Jun 20 12:44:00 CDT 2007

John Heim wrote:
> From: "Ian P. Christian" <pookey at>
>> lspci shows the RAID card in the SC1435 as:
>>    LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS1068 PCI-X Fusion-MPT SAS (rev 01)
>>>  [...]
>> I've tried downloading several tools, however they are all RPM based and
>> have dependencies that can't be met on my system.  Can anyone suggest how 
>> I
>> can monitor my RAID on my server under Gentoo?
> There's a debian package called mpt-tools that seems to work. Have you tried 
> that? I don't know much about gen2 so I don't know if you can use .debs.
> The debian testing (lenny) version of mpt-tools recognizes the SAS1068 in my 
> 1435s. In fact, I had installed the stable (etch) version of mpt-tools and I 
> got a series of email messages from the mpt daemon saying there was 
> something wrong with my RAID. But the messages said no controller could be 
> found. I installed the testing version and it was able to see the 
> controller. But that gave me hope that if there actually was something wrong 
> with the array, mpt-status would email me.
> But that's all I know. I really should do some research about RAID 
> monitoring. We have 5 of these servers but just having them report degraded 
> RAID events would probably be enough for us.
> If you find out anything. let me know. 

  The tool to use is in theory mpt status. There are references to
debian, and Suse packages.  Even if your distro lacks a precompiled
package you should simply be able to extract the tar file, run make, and
make install.

PS- Note that I don't have a fusion mpt based chipset.  So I'm not 100%
this works.  (I only know about this as I was researching possible raid

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