OMSA 5.2, RHEL5 on a Poweredge 860

Robin Yamaguchi rhy at
Wed Jun 20 11:46:23 CDT 2007

I am attempting to installed OMSA 5.2 on a poweredge 860 running rhel5.  I
first installed OM_5.2.0_ManNode_A00.tar.gz, listed for this server under  Everything installed correctly, and I can query omreport
and https://localhost:1311 loads correctly, but it does not display any
information about my hardware:

> [root at tartufo src]# omreport chassis
> Health
> For further help, type the command followed by -?
> [root at tartufo src]#

I found this site,, followed the
instructions and reinstalled using yum.  Same results.  I rebooted for fun
and dumb luck, but same results.

I believe my modules are being loaded correctly:

mptctl                 26693  0
mptspi                 20169  0
mptscsih               25921  1 mptspi
mptbase                52833  3 mptctl,mptspi,mptscsih

In prior years working with older versions of OMSA and poweredge servers,
we've installed OMSA from rpm without problem.  If I recall, it was as
simple as installed the rpms, and visiting https://localhost:1311 or
running omreport.  My experience in troubleshooting OMSA installs is pretty
limited, so please excuse my ignorance.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Robin H. Yamaguchi
Physics Computing Services
UC Santa Barbara

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