Status degraded PERC 5/i

Renaud MICHEL renaud.michel at
Wed Jun 20 07:43:06 CDT 2007

Le mercredi 20 juin 2007, Robert von Bismarck a écrit :
> Have you checked the state of the individual disks ?
> We had the same problem on a 1950, turned out it was a disk that went
> over a SMART threshold and gave alarms. Omreport showed the disk as being
> in "Non-Critical" state

Yes, all physical disks are OK and Online with no error predicted and the 
virtual disk is OK and Ready.

> The "alertlog" on the BMC was full of messages, and we got SNMP traps
> every 5 minutes about this device. The disk was alternately blinking
> yellow/blue on the front of the system. The system's LCD back-light
> stayed solid blue until we pulled the disk to replace it.
> We opened a trouble ticket with Dell who diagnosed a firmware issue on
> the device. The firmware update did not work on the affected disk, so, in
> the end, it had to be replaced.

The most recent entry in the log is 1 day old, so everything seem fine 
except for the controller itself reporting a degraded state, so I guess 
that, as Chiel said, that it is the firmware actually reporting a wrong 

thanks for your help
defimedia S.A.

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