Status degraded PERC 5/i

Renaud MICHEL renaud.michel at
Wed Jun 20 01:40:17 CDT 2007

Le mercredi 20 juin 2007, Larsen, Peter a écrit :
> It's rebuilding the array (30% in). Until it's 100% rebuilt you'll have a
> degraded status. This can happen for a lot of reason, but most likely
> because a drive had been removed/disconnected. Once the rebuild is
> complete, the status will change to "online" or "optimal".

I have the exact same status on the controller of a poweredge 1950, but it 
doesn't seem to be rebuilding anything, as it was 30% yesterday and is 
still 30% today.
And by the way, I understand that a vdisk might have to rebuild when a disk 
is changed, but what can the controller itself be rebuilding?

defimedia S.A.

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