Status degraded PERC 5/i

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It's rebuilding the array (30% in). Until it's 100% rebuilt you'll have a degraded status. This can happen for a lot of reason, but most likely because a drive had been removed/disconnected. Once the rebuild is complete, the status will change to "online" or "optimal".

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I get  the below message that the state of my raid controller is
degraded. All physical disks have status=ok, state=Online and none has
falure predicted. What does this mean? Do I need to fix this, and if so,



omreport storage controller
 Controller  PERC 5/i Integrated (Embedded)

ID                                : 0
Status                            : Non-Critical
Name                              : PERC 5/i Integrated
Slot ID                           : Embedded
State                             : Degraded
Firmware Version                  : 5.0.2-0003
Minimum Required Firmware Version : 5.1.1-0033
Driver Version                    :
Minimum Required Driver Version   : Not Applicable
Number of Connectors              : 2
Rebuild Rate                      : 30%
BGI Rate                          : 30%
Check Consistency Rate            : 30%
Reconstruct Rate                  : 30%
Alarm State                       : Disabled
Cluster Mode                      : Not Applicable
SCSI Initiator ID                 : Not Applicable
Cache Memory Size                 : 256 MB
Patrol Read Mode                  : Auto
Patrol Read State                 : Stopped
Patrol Read Rate                  : 30%
Patrol Read Iterations            : 22

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