megasas: MFI FW status 0x3

RB aoz.syn at
Tue Jun 19 13:26:13 CDT 2007

After finally getting a test system so I could eliminate dm-crypt from
the equation, I've pretty much tied this down to an interaction
between megaraid_sas and dm-crypt on post-2.6.16 kernels.  XFS
exacerbates the issue more quickly than ext3, but does not seem to be
part of it.

If anyone else has a machine they would be willing to crash once in
the name of science, especially if it's running a 32-bit flavor of
Linux (since I've not tested that yet), please try the following:

1.  Create a partition of any size (preferably 2x RAM or more) on a
volume underlaid by megaraid_sas
2.  cryptsetup --hash sha1 --cipher aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 --key-size
256 luksFormat [your partition here]
3.  mkfs.xfs [your partition]
4.  Mount your partition somewhere safe (/mnt/tmp?)
5.  bonnie++ -c [2x your processors] -n 1024 -b -d [your directory] -s
[twice your ram] -u [non-root user:non-root group]
6.  ???
7.  Your system should bottom out *very* shortly after "Writing
intelligently..." (i.e., the cursor will stop flashing, you may get a
kernel dump on your screen).


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