[Important Reminder] support for unofficial repositories

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at dell.com
Fri Jun 15 10:29:21 CDT 2007


    It has recently come to my attention that some customers are calling
into Dell technical support when they have problems with the unofficial
yum repositories. I dont like to say this, but the quickest way to make
the yum repositories disappear is by having a flood of support calls
come in on them.

    *Please* use the linux-poweredge mailing list if you have *any*
questions, comments, problems, etc, with the unofficial repositories. If
you call Dell technical support, they not only cannot help you, they
probably wont even know what you are talking about. And in no case would
they be able to fix what is broken if there is a problem in the repos.

Thank you,
Michael Brown
maintainer - unofficial Dell repositories

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