Linux Storage Expert needed : Linux + Oracle ASM => how to get exact size of each ASM device ?

Florent Gilain florent.gilain at
Thu Jun 14 09:04:10 CDT 2007

Hello all,
i'm running RHEL4 ES 64bits with Oracle 10GR2 on it with RAC (Oracle Cluster
called CRS) + ASM (Driver for storing datas and logs with raw device
destination..) on a SAN using an EMC CX300.
I'm very surprised because in the EMC's web administration of the SAN, i can
see 2 RAID GROUPS with their size (i have calculated and it corresponds to
normal size in comparaison to number and size of each disks).
LUN 1 : RAID5 of 509Go (5*146Go hard disks)
LUN 2 : RAID10 of 670Go (10*146Go hard disks)
each LUN is seen on my 2 Oracle nodes (oracle cluster RAC/CRS) like that :
NB : As I'm on an EMC hardware using brocade fiber switchs, i have the
"PowerPath" software installed too; so there are other "devices" that are
existing on my system :
LUN 1 => /dev/raw/raw4 => /dev/emcpowera (1 partition has been created on
this disk to store RMAN backups by default)
LUN 2 => /dev/raw/raw1, /dev/raw/raw2 and /dev/raw/raw3 => /dev/emcpowerb (3
partitions have been created on this disk : 1 for OCR, 1 for VOTING and 1
for DATAS + LOGS of Oracle)
Now, when i use the web interface to manage my database (enterprise manager
on port 1158 by default), it shows me 2 DISK GROUPS (I have 2 LUN, so i
created 2 DISK GROUPS called DG1 and DG2) :
DG1 = LUN2
DG2 = LUN1
Problem :
Enterprise Manager tells me that :
DG1 = 280Go (it should be near 670Go !) and corresponds only to
/dev/raw/raw3 (but where are raw1 and raw 2 then ? i can't find them
DG2 = 280Go (it should be near 509Go !) and corresponds only to
Question :
How can i troubleshoot these size problems ?
how can i get the size of /dev/raw/raw1 and /dev/raw/raw2
Thanks a lot, i hope i've been clear enough to be understood  ;-))
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