DellMgr for PERC5 cards

Olivier BONHOMME obonhomme at
Thu Jun 14 07:26:01 CDT 2007

Frank Warnke wrote:
> I am responding to digest issue 36, sorry if this breaks the thread.
> I also liked the simplicity of dellmgr/megamgr and have not found a
> direct replacement for the PERC 5.  What I have been using is LSI's
> Storage Manager on Dell 2900's with the PERC 5/i.  You can find it here;
> Click the Support and Downloads tab and scroll down for the Storage
> Manager for Linux.  I have installed it on several RHEL ES v4 systems.
> If memory serves me right, I think it was a Java app.  It did what I 
> needed it to do, YMMV  
> Thanks,
> Frank
Thanks for the clue. But unfortunately, it is impossible for me to 
installe a Java App on my servers.

It is to bad that the DellMgr is not available for perc5 cards.


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