IT Assistant - is there a linux version planned?

Dirkjan Bussink dirkjan at
Wed Jun 13 14:24:37 CDT 2007

Jim Nelson wrote:

> I'd like to get e-mail notifications working for our systems running OMSA, but 
> most of our remote sites don't have an always-on Windows machine, and we don't 
> have any Windows machines at our datacenter...

Maybe you can look at monitoring solutions such as Nagios, Zabbix, or
any of the other freely available Unix monitoring systems. There are
some plugins available, based on stuff like omreport, ipmitool, megarc
and megacli. It will take some effort of you're totally new to this, but
you can create a very flexible system with email reporting, sms
notification services, etc.

Dirkjan Bussink

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