key mapping with DRAC5 console and OSX X11

Tom Rockwell rockwell at
Wed Jun 13 12:16:47 CDT 2007


I have a 2950 with DRAC5 card.  I have Firefox running on another 
cluster machine to connect to DRAC5.  The firefox display is sent over 
X11 to a mac OSX machine (my usual setup for administering this 
cluster).  This normally works fine.  However, when trying to use the 
console redirection plug-in in firefox to get to the DRAC5 console, the 
keyboard mapping is fubar.  Some example key presses and resulting 
characters: l,k k,' j,l q,- 1,e 2,r ...  If I replace the OSX client 
with a Linux box, then all is fine.

Does anybody have a suggestion for making this (admittedly somewhat odd) 
setup work?

Tom Rockwell
Michigan State U.

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