redhat AS or ES

Sam Flory Sam.Flory at
Wed Jun 13 11:51:33 CDT 2007

Stephen Anderson wrote:
> So my question is how are the differences (e.g. number of CPUs)
> "enforced" at the OS level when both run the same kernel? When I
> manually download an updated kernel rpm via the red hat network, the
> same kernel rpm is offered for ES and AS Version 4. I maintain ES and
> AS Version 4 systems, and this same kernel rpm business confused me.

  Last I checked ES will print a message that this config is unsupported
during boot.  Other than that nothing else happens.  Of course if RH
realizes you are running an "unsupported" system they won't provide
support.  (This will likely happen as the 1st step of support is getting
the system information.)  So if you don't want support you could use ES,
but if price is your issue Centos is a better choice.

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