5.2 OpenManage Installation CD via pxe failed

Martin Flemming martin.flemming at desy.de
Tue Jun 12 06:43:14 CDT 2007

Hi !

I want to boot the

Dell OpenManage Installation Setup CD Version 5.2.0

via pxe to install/restore the Utility-Partition

But unfortunatley the Describtion in isolinux.cfg on the CD

doesn't work ....

# =================== Start of EXAMPLE PXE configuration 
# The following is an example of a PXE boot config. Please change the
# server name and path to match your site configuration. Change the
# 'Stage3_source=' part of the third line below. After that, copy this
# into your PXE boot configuration.
label PXE
         kernel SA.1
         append initrd=SA.2 ramdisk_size=24413 ramdisk_blocksize=4096 DEBUG=0 quiet ide=force_255_heads Stage3_type=network
 	Stage3_mount_type=nfs Stage3_opts=nolock Stage3_source=NFS_SERVER_DNS_NAME.domain.com:/path/to/dsa/copy/ BUILD=17776

The kernel SA.1 and the initrd SA.2 will be loaded but afterwards the 
system couldn't start with follwoing error-message

Mounting Server Assistant inbstallation media

/bin/detectUsbKey.py -> /usr/bin/python2

bad interpreator no such file or directory ...

And that's right .... i can't find any python or something else in that 
enviroment ... If i boot from CD there is a mount under /usr (squashfs) 
with all necessary programms and liberaries ....

My pxe-config is like this:

label dell
kernel pxe/dell_5.2/SA.1
append initrd=pxe/dell_5.2/SA.2 ramdisk_size=8997 ramdisk_blocksize=4096 DEBUG=0 dsa_replication=0  Stage3_type=network Stage3_mount_
type=nfs Stage3_opts=nolock Stage3_source=hostname:/tftpboot/pxe/dell_5.2/dsa/ BUILD=17776

stage3 will be mounted via nfs but than it's stops with the error 
described above ....

What's going wrong ?

Any hints ?



Martin Flemming
DESY / IT          office : Building 2b / 008a
Notkestr. 85       phone  : 040 - 8998 - 4667
22603 Hamburg      mail   : martin.flemming at desy.de

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