Reconstructing RAID-0 to RAID-10 using omconfig

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> > I would sooo opt for the command you suggested yourself in the
> beginning, mind changing the size parameter:
> >
> > omconfig storage vdisk action=reconfigure controller=0 vdisk=0
> raid=r10 size=264g adisk=0:0,0:1,0:2,0:3
> >
> (snip)
> > This will, change the RAID Volume from your RADI 0 to a RAID 10 live.
> No downtime, except a reboot once it is done to get Linux to recognize
> the new drive size once you are done.
> I guess you could do it without a reboot. Just fdisk it and create a
> new partition. After that, do a partprobe -s on the disk, and linux
> kernel will recognize the new partition. You now can use that
> immediately.
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The problem is that fdisk does not know that the disk became larger and thus will not allow you to create a new, or extend the existing, partition.

AFAIK you will have to dynamically remove and add the drive back to the OS before fdisk will see the new size of the disk. And if you do that to a disk with mounted filesystems who knows what will happen...

Have a look at step 5 of this article for more details.

Best regards
Harald Jensås

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