Reconstructing RAID-0 to RAID-10 using omconfig

Fernando Braga fermbraga at
Sat Jun 9 08:07:22 CDT 2007

On 6/9/07, Harald_Jensas at <Harald_Jensas at> wrote:
> I would sooo opt for the command you suggested yourself in the beginning, mind changing the size parameter:
> omconfig storage vdisk action=reconfigure controller=0 vdisk=0 raid=r10 size=264g adisk=0:0,0:1,0:2,0:3
> This will, change the RAID Volume from your RADI 0 to a RAID 10 live. No downtime, except a reboot once it is done to get Linux to recognize the new drive size once you are done.

I guess you could do it without a reboot. Just fdisk it and create a
new partition. After that, do a partprobe -s on the disk, and linux
kernel will recognize the new partition. You now can use that

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