Anyone running CentOS 4.5 or 5 on PE2970

Erik Cummings ecummings at
Fri Jun 8 18:02:53 CDT 2007

Some really odd results here.

	1.  Dell Support provided some switches to use for install (64 bit Linux kernel panics during install w/ more than 4GB RAM).
Kernel Panic on AMD Processor-Based Systems With Memory Greater Than 4 GB
While performing a manual installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on AMD processor-based systems
with memory greater than 4 GB, run the following command line option to prevent a kernel panic:
iommu=soft console=tty0 numa=off
NOTE: Ensure that numa=off is last option in the kernel command line. If numa=off is not the last option,
the parameter will not be recognized.

	2.  Burning Media Problems. We CANNOT create 64bit media from CentOS.  Any 32bit media ISO burns are fine, but 64bit ISO burns are failing (the write succeeds, but verification of media, OR actual install using that media) fails miserably.  No one seems to have a clue here.  We are using Nero on Windows XP systems.  My cohort is trying to burn from the PE2970 itself to see if we can do it with that!

	Bottom line - we are installed and running well.  OMSA is all installed.  Everything is good (except for burning 64bit CD ISO's!).  Thanks for everyone's input!


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> On Thu, 7 Jun 2007, Erik Cummings wrote:
> > DVD image for v 4.5 x86_64
> > DVD image for v 5.0 x86_64
> > USB CD-ROM for 4.4, 4.5 or 5.0 x86_64 installs
> > Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit with the OS already installed -- this is
> involved and would take a while to figure out.
> > PXE / Kickstart -- this is very involved and would take a few days to
> get working.
> > more ?
> Booting off the disk and then installing off an HTTP/NFS server.  Easy way
> to
> avoid most problems with a tetchy CD/DVD drive.  As easy as dropping the
> iso file into a directory on the server.
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