2950 write performance issues

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) Marshall.McDougall at gov.mb.ca
Fri Jun 8 11:39:42 CDT 2007

I have several identical 2950's that have very inconsistent write
characteristics.  They all have 8GB ram, 6 x 146 GB SAS drives in a
single raid10 config. The bios is at 1.3.7, ESM backplane at 1.05, A01
and PERC at 1.03.10-0216.  Each server is running RHEL4U5, Sybase ASE
12.5.4.  I have one server that chugs along at an acceptable level,
compared to a 2550, and rest have write statistics that are up to 100
times worse depending on if it's an Insert, Commit, Delete, etc.  

I have compared the RAID config, with megacli, in all cases and they are
identical.  I am running out of ideas.  I would appreciate any fresh
approaches that are offered. Hell, I'll even take old stale ones just to
make sure I haven't missed anything :)  Thanks.

Regards, Marshall
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