Fwd: Debian OMSA 5.2 package

fred smith medpacs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 09:10:33 CDT 2007

After installing on a PE860 with ubuntu 7.04 I get the following 'errors'
from the startup script.


[: 212: ia64: unexpected operator
[: 212: x86_64: unexpected operator
./instsvcdrv: 2551: arith: syntax error: "SECS + 1"

Any thoughts?

On 15 May 2007, at 15:26, Sander Keemink wrote:

> we just released a Debian port of OMSA 5.2 and it's available on
> our ftp.
> Information on obtaining the Debian Dell OMSA package:
>    http://linux.dell.com/debian_9g.shtml

I've done an apt-get update/upgrade with that in my sources.list (I
already had 5.1 installed from thre) but it didn't seem to pull in
that update (still shows 5.1.0-5). Something else I need to do?

Marcus Bointon
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