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This seems to be the advice I'm getting from everyone and I'll definitely
follow it.  Yeah, it was these sorts of dangers that have me worried.  I
don't like not knowing why the PDU has to be given special grounding...
Thank you, especially to everyone who responded!  
Rob Chamberland


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Hi Rob,


Assuming I am understanding your reference to internal and external frames
correctly, I would get the PDU's and the cab individually grounded to earth,
however I thoroughly suggest that you consult a qualified electrical
engineer if not 100% certain of what you are doing. If an electrical fault
develops and things aren't as they should be, the results will either be: 


a) Expensive,

b) Fatal, or 

c) a combination of a) and b) 


I certainly wouldn't leave things un-earthed, not only from a safety point
of view, but from a technical perspective as well - I recently had some very
difficult to diagnose issues with a KVM which turned out to be a ground

Best Regards, 

Richard Garner (A+, AMBCS, MOS-O) 


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This may be slightly off topic, I apologize if it is.


I've just installed a bunch of PE2950's on a non-Dell el cheapo 12U rack
enclosure which doesn't have an internal and external frame.  I'm also
putting in a number of Dell PDU's which will be powered by a 2200VA UPS.
The PDU's have a threaded grounding hole to which a ground wire is to be
attached.  The PDU manuals assume a Dell rack enclosure and want the PDU
ground wires attached to the external frame of the enclosure.


I'm not an electrical engineer but perhaps some of you may have experience
with this:


1) What should I attach the ground wires to if I don't have an external
frame on my rack enclosure?


2) Is it assumed that the frame is to be grounded too?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Chamberland









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