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> This may be slightly off topic, I apologize if it is.
> I've just installed a bunch of PE2950's on a non-Dell el cheapo 12U rack
> enclosure which doesn't have an internal and external frame.  I'm also
> putting in a number of Dell PDU's which will be powered by a 2200VA UPS.
> The PDU's have a threaded grounding hole to which a ground wire is to be
> attached.  The PDU manuals assume a Dell rack enclosure and want the PDU
> ground wires attached to the external frame of the enclosure.
> I'm not an electrical engineer but perhaps some of you may have experience
> with this:
> 1) What should I attach the ground wires to if I don't have an external
> frame on my rack enclosure?
> 2) Is it assumed that the frame is to be grounded too?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Rob Chamberland

I'm not sure how it works in the USA, since you don't always have 3-pin mains 

In the UK all electrical kit should be earthed to the rack and the rack 
earthed to ground. A lot of this is provided through the earth pin on our 
plugs, however you can always add more earthing.
The way we do this in our data-centre involves large metal spikes driven into 
the ground outside, with suitably large earthing bars connecting everything 
up to those.

Because there may be (I am not a UPS engineer) separation between the earthing 
on each side of the UPS, you should also earth the UPS to ground as well.


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