Finding/removing an older *unknown* version of OpenManage

J. Epperson linux-poweredge at
Thu Jun 7 20:20:05 CDT 2007

On Thu, June 7, 2007 20:48, Jeff Fishbaugh wrote:
> So as a recap for anyone else that might reply, here is the issue at hand:
> - trying to install OMI-5.0, get an error there is a previous version
> installed
> - I can not find any previous installations, RPM or source based (yes, I
> looked with rpm -qal and similar and in all common paths for executables
> one
> would expect)
> - There is NO install or uninstall scripts I can find for this so-called
> previously installed version
> - The uninstall scripts that come with OMI-5.0 just says there are no RPM
> packages installed when I run it and try to get the old version that is
> supposedly installed, uninstalled.

Well meaning and hard working as they are, they're notorious for BIN files
that tell you that you don't have enough space in /tmp or the perms on it
are wrong (yeah, right, there's 50Gb and I'm root), when the real problem
is an out-dated switch on a tail command, so the error given may be
completely bogus.  I'd suggest sticking a "set -x" at the top of the
install script and see what it's evaluating as "previous version
installed".  Then get rid of or work around whatever that condition is.

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