Finding/removing an older *unknown* version of OpenManage

Jeff Fishbaugh at
Thu Jun 7 19:48:56 CDT 2007

I do not have srvadmin-uninstall or any *previous* versions of OM installed 
that I am able to locate (RPM based or otherwise). That is half the issue. 
If I run the that comes with OMI-5.0 (which I am 
trying to install and can't cause it complains I have OM installed already), 
it just errors out and quits with can't find any RPM pacakges.

So as a recap for anyone else that might reply, here is the issue at hand:

- trying to install OMI-5.0, get an error there is a previous version 
- I can not find any previous installations, RPM or source based (yes, I 
looked with rpm -qal and similar and in all common paths for executables one 
would expect)
- There is NO install or uninstall scripts I can find for this so-called 
previously installed version
- The uninstall scripts that come with OMI-5.0 just says there are no RPM 
packages installed when I run it and try to get the old version that is 
supposedly installed, uninstalled.

I need the old version off as I have no omreports or anything else from the 
old package.

Questions I can not answer - I do not know who installed it or what was 
possibly previously installed

Be nice if some engineer type from Dell can round up some more brains for 
this as I do not know how I have an old version of OM installed with no 
traces of it, yet when installing but says there is. I would think there 
should be some type of evidence somewhere that eludes to what is installed 
or didn't get uninstalled properly but this appears not to be the case thus 

Thanks for the help and insight....



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> See if you can run:
> It should be in your path... If not you will have to hunt down the files 
> and delete them for very old versions.
> # which
> /usr/bin/
> # ls -lah /usr/bin/
> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 60 Nov 16  2006 /usr/bin/ -> 
> /opt/dell/srvadmin/omil/supportscripts/
> -Aaron
> Jeff Fishbaugh wrote:
>> There are no RPM packages installed with 'srvadmin' in the name. As an 
>> FYI, I also did a -qal and searched for 'dell' as well. As far as I can 
>> tell there is no RPM based install of OM, but as mentioned when I turn 
>> around and try to install OMI-5.0 the install script aborts and tells me 
>> there is already a previous version installed.
>> Hence the original post, if it doesn't have srvadmin or dell in name 
>> and/or it isn't an RPM based install, what other things could it be 
>> called none the less where could it be installed?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> -J
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>> What is the ouput of 'rpm -qa | grep srvadmin' look like? That should
>> tell you what packages are still present.
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>> Hello:
>> I am attempting to get OMI-5.0 installed; however, there seems to be a
>> previous version installed per the output of the install script when it
>> fails to install 5.0. It doesn't tell me anything more nor am I finding
>> the
>> old version anywhere.
>> How can I figure out what version is installed and how to remove it.
>> There
>> is no sign of omreports binaries or anything like present, none the less
>> the
>> install or uninstall scripts from the old version I'm trying to get rid
>> of.
>> Tips appreciated.
>> -J
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