Finding/removing an older *unknown* version of OpenManage

Jeff Fishbaugh at
Thu Jun 7 17:38:29 CDT 2007

There are no RPM packages installed with 'srvadmin' in the name. As an FYI, 
I also did a -qal and searched for 'dell' as well. As far as I can tell 
there is no RPM based install of OM, but as mentioned when I turn around and 
try to install OMI-5.0 the install script aborts and tells me there is 
already a previous version installed.

Hence the original post, if it doesn't have srvadmin or dell in name and/or 
it isn't an RPM based install, what other things could it be called none the 
less where could it be installed?

Thanks in advance.


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What is the ouput of 'rpm -qa | grep srvadmin' look like? That should
tell you what packages are still present.

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I am attempting to get OMI-5.0 installed; however, there seems to be a
previous version installed per the output of the install script when it
fails to install 5.0. It doesn't tell me anything more nor am I finding
old version anywhere.

How can I figure out what version is installed and how to remove it.
is no sign of omreports binaries or anything like present, none the less
install or uninstall scripts from the old version I'm trying to get rid

Tips appreciated.


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