RHEL 5 on 2950's slooooow boot.

clockwork at sigsys.org clockwork at sigsys.org
Thu Jun 7 17:03:22 CDT 2007

So RHEL5 (with xen) works fine on 2850's, however boot times on 2950's is
horribly slow. I figured this might be the good old acpi issue that can be
worked around via acpi=off being passed to the kernel. However that does not
seem to solve the issue. The system takes forever at the "Starting system
message bus" point. (more than 15 minutes).  Does anybody have any ideas
what could be causing this ? 6 2850's work fine, all 4 2950's I have rhel 5
installed on exhibit the same problem. Nothing of note sticks out in the
logs, and it eventually does start alright.

Any ideas ?
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