Reconstructing RAID-0 to RAID-10 using omconfig

John Buttery johnb+linuxpoweredge at
Thu Jun 7 15:53:54 CDT 2007

* On Thursday 07 June 2007 14:04, John Buttery 
<johnb+linuxpoweredge at> wrote:
>  I have a one-disk RAID-0 array and three identical blank disks.  I
>want to put the three new disks into the controller (PERC 4/Di) and
>reconstruct the array into a RAID-10.  My questions are:

  As an alternative, assuming omconfig doesn't work for some reason and 
dellmgr doesn't have the (unpleasant) alternative 
would be to brute-force copy everything off the host, rebuild the array 
from scratch, and copy everything back.  Sorry if this is a bit 
off-topic, but does this look like a good synchronization command?

rsync -a --hard-links --sparse / /external_backup/tempfs

  The restore command would be the same arguments, but the directories 

rsync -a --hard-links --sparse /external/backup/tempfs/ /

  (Note the absence and presence of the / after tempfs, which I believe 
is significant to rsync.)

  I'm also open to other solutions using tools other than rsync (tar, 
perhaps?).  The basic idea is that I want the filesystem to look 
exactly the way it did before the copy.

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