Reconstructing RAID-0 to RAID-10 using omconfig

John Buttery johnb+linuxpoweredge at
Thu Jun 7 14:04:35 CDT 2007

  I have a one-disk RAID-0 array and three identical blank disks.  I 
want to put the three new disks into the controller (PERC 4/Di) and 
reconstruct the array into a RAID-10.  My questions are:

1) Does this look like a reasonable command to do so?

omconfig storage vdisk action=reconfigure controller=0 vdisk=0 raid=r10 
size=132g adisk=0:0,0:1,0:2,0:3

2) What is the "size" command supposed to represent?  The total size of 
the virtual disk as it appears to the OS?  The size of each segment?  
(The disks are 140GB each.)

3) Will this do a "hot reconstruct" with the data in-place, or will it 
wipe everything?  When I reconstructed the array from 2-disk RAID-1 to 
1-disk RAID-0 (by accident) with dellmgr, it did it in-place.

4) Is there a way to do what I want to do with dellmgr (5.31) instead?

  Thanks in advance for any input; this server handles our backup 
database as well as all our backups, so I'd rather not destroy it.  :)

John Buttery <johnb at>
System Administrator

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