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Thu Jun 7 11:14:21 CDT 2007

This may be slightly off topic, I apologize if it is.
I've just installed a bunch of PE2950's on a non-Dell el cheapo 12U rack
enclosure which doesn't have an internal and external frame.  I'm also
putting in a number of Dell PDU's which will be powered by a 2200VA UPS.
The PDU's have a threaded grounding hole to which a ground wire is to be
attached.  The PDU manuals assume a Dell rack enclosure and want the PDU
ground wires attached to the external frame of the enclosure.
I'm not an electrical engineer but perhaps some of you may have experience
with this:
1) What should I attach the ground wires to if I don't have an external
frame on my rack enclosure?
2) Is it assumed that the frame is to be grounded too?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Rob Chamberland
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