Debian/GNU Linux OMSA 5.2 package

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Thu Jun 7 07:27:25 CDT 2007

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Subject: Re:Debian/GNU Linux OMSA 5.2 package
From: Hiroyuki Yoshimura <yoshimurah at>
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Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 08:37:53 GMT+0200 (ora legale Europa occidentale)

> Did you try this command?
> mpt-status --autoload
> Is mptctl loaded?
> I think that it should build in mptctl.o if mptctl is not loaded. How does CONFIG_FUSION_CTL ?

I found the problem: I forgot to include CONFIG_FUSION_CTL in the kernel 
configuration. After recompiling I have:
> cnsrv010:~# mpt-status
> ioc0 vol_id 0 type IM, 2 phy, 73 GB, state OPTIMAL, flags ENABLED
> ioc0 phy 1 scsi_id 32 ATA      ST3808110AS      J   , 74 GB, state ONLINE, flags NONE
> ioc0 phy 0 scsi_id 1 ATA      ST3808110AS      J   , 74 GB, state ONLINE, flags NONE


Unfortunately I cannot run OMSA 5.2 on my etch... I receive an error 
during installation. It was working with 5.1.
Did you upgrade or installed 5.2 from scratch?


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