ahci driver for PowerEdge 860?

Shyam_Iyer at Dell.com Shyam_Iyer at Dell.com
Wed Jun 6 23:33:20 CDT 2007

	Poweredge860 BIOS does not enable the AHCI mode bit in the sata
controller in the BIOS and hence even if you rebuild the initrd and load
the ahci driver the ahci driver will not be able to find the non-ahci
enabled sata controller. Hence you would not be able to use the ahci
driver with the current BIOSes. The Dimension BIOSes enabled the AHCI
mode bits and hence it is possible to use ahci driver with them.

Shyam Iyer
Linux Engineering

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Subject: ahci driver for PowerEdge 860?

Hi list,

I have a PowerEdge 860 here, running RedHat AS 5. I'm wondering if I can
use the ahci driver instead of the ata_piix. I've seen the previous
messages on this subject, the latest from 2006. I've tried the
suggestions, but alas, the ahci driver didn't load.

I wondered if anyone got any further?


As this message mentions, the A02 BIOS only mentions "SATA Controller"
with options "ATA Mode" and "Off".


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