md3000 performance issues

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Wed Jun 6 18:41:28 CDT 2007


Thanks for the responses and updates below

----- "Christopher McCrory" <chrismcc at> wrote:
| Hello...
|   I have found very little tech info on the PV md3000 chassis. All I
| found were 'point and click' type instructions.  My first tests with
| iozone showed that this box screams.  When I put it into production,
| read performance dropped to the floor.  My MD3000 has 8 15k SAS
| drives.
| I tested with raid5 and raid10, both were fast with raid10 being
| slightly faster.


| I suspect the last two changes are the problem and I am going to undo
| them.  Does anyone at Dell have any performance optimization
| documentation?  And/Or real world performance numbers using iozone or
| bonnie?

I ripped out the entire previous config and re-created a raid10 with the 8 15K SAS drives paired in sequence.  No snapshot, no hot spare.  I also updated the BIOS on the 1850 to A06.  The 1850 is running RHEL5 x86_86 6G ram (scsi1 : ioc1: LSISAS1068, FwRev=01060000h:  PCI-X).  The performance is still bad.

 shell> iozone -A -i 0 -s12G
              KB  reclen   write rewrite    read    reread
        12582912       4   83723   55246     3616     3616

As you can see, read performance is a little on the low side.

for comparison, same md3000 on a 2950 with PCI-Express

shell> iozone -A -s 12G
              KB  reclen   write rewrite    read    reread
        12582912       4  169364  160046   224117   231402

Quite a difference...

I'm going to keep poking, but if anyone has any ideas, I'm open for suggestions.

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