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Al Sparks data345 at
Wed Jun 6 15:10:18 CDT 2007

--- Adam Williams <awilliam at> wrote:

> modprobe ipmi_si
> modprobe ipmi_devintf

Ok, that worked.  I can also deal with things as they are.

Of course, when I reboot, the modules are not added automatically.
Again, I can handle that with a separate init script, if I want to get
quick and dirty.

But I did do a search through the dsm_sa_ipmi init script and there
are references to those 2 modules in that startup script.  In other
words, those 2 modules should be starting up via the startup script.
Is there a reason why they aren't?  The load_ipmi_modules() routine
might take me awhile to analyze, but maybe someone else has figured it

   === Al

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