BMC packages for dell-bmcflash/firmware-tools?

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Tue Jun 5 23:24:09 CDT 2007

    BMC is in a sort of funny state now. It bricks boxes about 40% of the time when I use my tools... so I've decided to hold off releasing payloads for it until I sort that out. :)

    I tried making new packages last week. Spent several days on it and was pretty grossed out at the current DUP packages, so I gave up. I'll get back to them here some day. My current project besides the Ubuntu stuff is working on PERC5 packages. I have all the updates in the /testing/ repos now but havent been able to test it. A couple more days should see those released into the main repos. Everything is going well on perc5 so far.

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Subject: BMC packages for dell-bmcflash/firmware-tools?

I noticed dell-bmcflash (like lsiflash) in the software repo.
Where do you find the corresponding bmc firmware-tools compatible packages?

I looked at and successfully did a BIOS and LSI upgrade but 
identify what bmc rpms look like. Is there an easy way to test out by 
converting the
shell-script based BMC package to a firmware-tools compat package 
without going
through the whole mirroring process?


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