LTO 4 encryption?

Dr. David Alan Gilbert dell at
Tue Jun 5 12:11:28 CDT 2007

* Barry Allard (ballard at wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> We're about to purchase a 2 drive LTO-4 Fibre-Channel tape lib shortly.  It
> is my understanding the backup software must support LTO-4 encryption key
> management.  Examples:
> [1]
> [2]

Hi Barry,
  Thanks for the reply and those links; so I suppose the follow
up is done anyone know if Legato can do that?
  The only other reply (asking on another list) was that there
is no standardisation between drives - so then the question
is what does one use with Dell LTO-4 drives (the 120T)
and how does it differ on the libraries when they arrive?

  I'm after a really simple setup; for starters I'd be happy
with knowing I've got no encryption - but encryption with a single
key would be nice.

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