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> This is way off topic for this list, but I didn't know where else to
> send it. I'm hoping the Dell people on the list will get the info to
> the
> relevant people (or to me, if I'm wrong)...
> I bought a pair of Dell's Inspiron laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed,
> and there seems to be a significant oops: updating the kernel (or
> removing an old one) scribbles on /boot/grub/menu.lst and tells grub to
> go to hd0,0 for the kernel -- Dell has partitioned the disk so that
> hd0,0 is a Dell utilities partition, and grub needs to go to hd0,2.
> A few minutes after starting this machine, Ubuntu says there are
> updates
> available, but when it installs them, the computer bricks. Editing
> grub's config file before restarting (or during boot) fixes it.
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There is already a post on the Wiki regarding this:

It has been fixed in the factory images since Friday, and there are examples on how to prevent it happening on the next update on the wiki.

Also, use the linux-desktops list for Desktop/Notebook releated topics.

To subscribe to linux-desktops go here:

Harald Jensås

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