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On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 12:40:56PM -0600, Glenn English wrote:
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> This is way off topic for this list, but I didn't know where else to
> send it. I'm hoping the Dell people on the list will get the info to the
> relevant people (or to me, if I'm wrong)...

This has been covered by my post to linux-desktops at lists.us.dell.com

There is a wiki page documenting the problem and the fix here:

And a wiki page with general Ubuntu information here:

Summary: A last-minute fix we made to the install was not synced to some
of our overseas factory infrastructure. This has been corrected as of
last Friday. All new machines coming out of the factory have this defect
fixed. Further updates to this issue will be disseminated via the
linux-desktops list. (The only remaining todo is that I am writing a
small script to fix the reinstall partition so you will not see this
issue if you reinstall from the factory reinstall partition.)

> I bought a pair of Dell's Inspiron laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed,
> and there seems to be a significant oops: updating the kernel (or
> removing an old one) scribbles on /boot/grub/menu.lst and tells grub to
> go to hd0,0 for the kernel -- Dell has partitioned the disk so that
> hd0,0 is a Dell utilities partition, and grub needs to go to hd0,2.
> A few minutes after starting this machine, Ubuntu says there are updates
> available, but when it installs them, the computer bricks. Editing
> grub's config file before restarting (or during boot) fixes it.
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