[Slightly Off Topic] Oracle HSODBC 32 bit on 64 bit RHEL4 PowerEdge

Peter Verhoeven Peter at morrisint.com.au
Sun Jun 3 20:20:13 CDT 2007

Unfortunately hsodbc has not been ported to 64 bit, but I've heard
tidbits about being able to run the 32bit hsodbc with a 32bit driver
under 64 bit Oracle. I've currently reverted to 32 bit Oracle on 32 bit
Linux because of this, but am a bit dissapointed. I did try 32 bit
Oracle on 64 bit Linux, but this caused issues with ASM (64 bit driver
on 64 bit Linux).
Anyone here happen to be succesfully running 32bit hsodbc (Oracle
Generic Connectivity) within a 64 bit Linux environment?
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