PE SC420 Adding SCSI card for tape backup/Yosemite

Bahadir Kiziltan bahadir.kiziltan at
Sat Jun 2 07:05:52 CDT 2007

Kudzu will surely detect Adaptec 39160 controller and modify the
/etc/modules.conf file accordingly. Then, you should compile new
initrd image by using "mkinitrd" command to load "aic7xxx" scsi driver
at boot time. Otherwise you have to load that module manually by
using "modprobe" command.

On 6/1/07, Martin Eder <meder at> wrote:
> Hello,
> We have the 420 with the U320 RAID Scsi controller.  We are running Redhat
> ES3.
> Our Travan tape drive died, and have a replacement external DAT72 drive w/ a
> 39160 dual channel controller.
> Since this is the first time I will add a scsi card to a linix system I
> assume it will recognize it on boot. And all will be good.
> Anyone have any pointers? comments? I don't expect any problems, but rather
> be prepaired.
> Also, Will the DAT72 work with Tapeware, or is Yosemite 8.x a better backup.
> I allways had problems with the disaster recovery in tapeware and never had
> it working.
> Thanks in advance.
> Martin
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