SATA on older PE SCSI machines

Bahadir Kiziltan bahadir.kiziltan at
Sat Jun 2 06:47:42 CDT 2007

Have a PowerEdge 800 with RocketRaid 1640 SATA Raid Controller.
4x300GB SATA drives configured as a single RAID5 LUN, which is also
the boot device.

Performance is not superb but it works fine.

On 5/31/07, Terry Gliedt <tpg at> wrote:
> I've got an older PE2600 (tower) with 6 very small SCSI drives.
> Configured as RAID5, this nets a whole 150GB drive, running Debian Etch.
> SATA drives are way cheaper these days that I'm looking for a way to get
> some SATA drives on this machine. I've thought of trying to gut the SCSI
> drive enclosure and somehow converting this into SATA drives, but this
> seems like I'm just asking for things to stop working (obviously I'm not
> worried about Dell support here :-)
> I've had good success with a RocketRAID SATA controller in other
> machines. has anyone every gotten a RocketRAID or the like to work in
> PowerEdge servers? I'd like to hear what works (or does not work, which
> is equally useful).  TIA
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