MD3000 / MD1000?, HPC Cluster

Barry Allard ballard at
Fri Jun 1 13:34:52 CDT 2007

Hi, we're not sure whether to get a couple of MD1000's or an MD3000 for our


Given the following scenario:


Goal: Scalable HPC Cluster using Rocks


2+ TB LUN for MySQL, maximum performance, random reads

6+ TB LUN for files, lower performance, very large files (>2GB), random



Storage budget $30k 

Server budget $10k

Availability of RHEL 4, 5 AS/ES/WS for free

8 Existing PowerEdge 1850 Dual, Dual-Core (1 has SAS 5/e)

2 Existing PowerEdge 2850 Dual, Dual-Core (1 has SAS 5/e)

1 Existing PowerEdge 1950 with SAS 5/e and dual 4 GB FC (backup server,
direct-attached tape library)

1 spare SAS 5/e



Kind Regards,

Barry Allard

Systems Administrator

Stanford Medical Informatics

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